This year will be the 7th edition in a row we attend the Geofluid. It represents a meeting point for the high-specialised companies in the field of drilling and foundations and being there is an opportunity of growth, awareness, and networking with the main stakeholders of the sector.


We will be at booth E-305 in hall 1 and the Gennaretti plants will be exhibited in the outdoor area F13 from 13th to 16th of September at Piacenza Expo, where you will be able to access through the free registration, by clicking here: https://www.geofluid.it:443/app/form_pdf.jsp?vis_menu=1&IdS=1574


13 years ago, our adventure with the Geofluid has started and from that moment on we have never left the exhibition.

  • 2010

    First attendance

    In 2010 we approached to the drilling and foundations world. Thus, the necessity to be part of the sector grew concurrently with the exhibition.

  • 2012

    Second attendance

    After the positive feedbacks we received from the 1st edition, we reconfirm our presence in the outdoor area with the Gennaretti centrifugal systems.


  • 2014

    "Good things come in threes"

    The network is expanding, while our centrifugal systems start to make their way in the drilling field.

  • 2016

    The change

    The satisfactory results reached during the past editions related to the awareness of the Gennaretti technology for separation have pushed us to move inside the exhibition with our first indoor booth.


  • 2018

    Fifth attendance

    During the 5th consecutive edition, we felt the need to grow and to offer a better service to those who visit us. We extended our surface since the real growth and the necessity of separation has begun to be clear.

  • 2021

    The restart

    After the pandemic. The world stopped for a while, but we didn’t. We resumed the attendance that turned out to be a great success. The Gennaretti technology has been appreciated both in the Italian and foreign markets; its advantages have been discerned and at this point the company has established itself inside the Geofluid exhibition.



The Geofluid 2023 will be the umpteenth confirmation of its international value, conquered through the years. The world of drilling and foundations will come alive thanks to the thousands of visitors and to the new exhibitors that will attend. This is synonym with great opportunities that crowd this sector, which is developing strongly. We will go on to work hard for the spread and knowledge of the Gennaretti centrifugal systems as an environmental and economic solution and we will keep on communicating and showing our “different separation”, bearing in our minds the goals we have achieved and the future ones.