Why Gennaretti

Research and development is constantly dedicated to provide high quality and state-of-the-art technologies. In fact, the growing need of higher overall qualitative performance makes it necessary to focus on the entire “system”, from the materials used to the construction and from the protection to the automation. What we achieved in terms of technologies and performance is not an arrival point, but a motivation for further improvements.

More and more efficient systems

Production will continue to be projected towards the research of increasingly more efficient systems to adapt quickly and with cutting-edge solutions to any market request.

For the applied research and for some specific tasks, the company collaborates with Italian and worldwide universities and consultants at the highest level of specialisation in the various fields.

Mechanical technology and construction

The metallurgical engineering shows us that castings are long lasting and resistant to time passing. Therefore, all the important parts of Gennaretti decanter centrifuge are casted, allowing compactness and resistance to high-speed rotations.

The construction represents the heart of Gennaretti decanter centrifuge. In fact, the main structure gives an unmistakable appearance, strength and robustness over time.

The decanter’s body is manufactured in heavy moulding of spheroidal cast iron; the solid and liquid discharges are made in stainless steel casting. Since the main components are entirely produced in our company, we can deliver the highest quality Made in Italy. The compact distribution of every component allows the reduction of the plant volume.

Electronic technology and electronic control

An inverter starts up the electric motor, which drives the decanter and a mechanical and hydraulic system transmits the motion to the rotating components.

The management structure of the decanter centrifuge is based on a software developed by Gennaretti technicians, ensuring flexibility and convenience. From the operator panel, it is possible to control the variable parameters, as from PC, smartphone or tablet, by means of the remote control. Moreover, the connection through a modem enables the management of decanter centrifuges located in different places.
From the operator panel, we can supervise decanter’s data, the technical process and consumption values, the screw speed, the wiring diagrams and the status of plant inverters.

Flexible software

The management structure of the decanter centrifuge is based on a software developed internally

Also from smartphone and PC

Possibility to control the variable parameters from the operator panel, as from PC, smartphone or tablet

Via modem control

The connection through a modem enables the remote assistance and the management of decanter centrifuges in different places

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