• Fairs

    Getech is pleased to inform of its participation at: BAUMA 2016 fair, which is held from 11 to 17 April 2016 in Munich – at the The Peak of Excellence – Germany.Visit us in pavilion C2, stand 301. IFAT 2016 fair, which is held from 30 may … Continue to read

  • Mining

    Quarry and drilling sludges are generally considered complex to be treated, due to their high abrasiveness and density; they therefore require high performance centrifuges with high resistance to wear. In quarries the centrifuge is used ideally to … Continue to read

  • Tunneling

    The exponential growth of the world’s population during the last years has created the need to increase underground communication routes, to relieve congested roads and reduce acoustic and environmental pollution in in increasingly overcrowded … Continue to read

  • Drilling

    Vertical drilling operations, i.e. of the ground, today are performed in the building sector, to create foundations, underground excavations for car parks and underground trains, but also in the field of alternative energy resources, as for example … Continue to read

  • Petrolchemical

    The current regulations regarding respect for the environment in which we live, enforce companies in the petrochemical industry to treat their hazardous industrial waste, which can be transformed into secondary raw materials. The main waste created … Continue to read

  • Chemical

    In this particular sector, very often the substances handled are particularly aggressive and this enforces the use of corrosion resistant materials on the parts of the machine in contact with the product to be treated. Consequently, the solid and … Continue to read

  • Food

    In this sector the centrifuge is used to process agricultural products such as tomatoes, lemons, oranges, kiwi, mangos and all those products to be separated or clarified. Use can be for thickening of a product, as for example the processing of … Continue to read

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